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Hello and welcome!

I hope you are doing well and are ready to bake! But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself and how this blog came to be.

My name is Tanya. I’m married with three children so free time is a luxury I no longer possess. Whenever I would get a sugar craving, the only thing I would manage to bake were cookies. I almost always had the basic ingredients and cookies could be baked (and eaten!) in no time.

But I decided one day that I wanted to learn more. I wanted to discover the world of pastries. Since I was unable to join a pastry school, I decided to learn the basic techniques on my own. I set myself a goal: I would bake one new dessert every single week until I had covered everything.

In order to achieve this, organizing myself was crucial. I had to prepare an ingredient list before my weekly shopping, read all the instructions very carefully ahead of time and most importantly, break down the recipe into as many steps as possible. All these were a must, so that I could fit in baking during my baby’s midday naps or in the evenings (when my husband would provide some much needed support).

From this came the idea of making a baking calendar, which would enable me to view all the ingredients and preparation needed ahead of time. I created this blog in the hope that these calendars might help other busy people whose lives just brighten up when they are baking.

And if you have free time but are overwhelmed by all the recipes out there and are in need of structure, then this blog is for you too. Together, we will discover all the wonderful resources that are out there and become better bakers with every passing day.

I am really looking forward to our baking journey together.

With love,


Wheel of Baking

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